In addition to helping you choose the best investment to grow your wealth, we also support you in the following areas:

Real State Consulting

At Peninsula Property Consulting, we have the material, human and professional resources to help you design a real estate experience tailored to your needs, tastes, budget and goal. We will discover with you a world of possibilities to take care of your patrimony and guarantee your investment.


Mortgage Processes


We have the backing of mortgage brokers specialized in processing bank and Infonavit loans that allow us to speed up the process, providing you with the right tools to make your project possible.

Recommendation of Specialized Providers

Thanks to our experience living in Merida, we know formal, serious and honest suppliers that can help you with construction projects, procedures, services, and more.


Local Utilities Procedures Consulting

We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible, so we can provide you with information about consultants or tips for licensing, plates, nationa identity cards, as well as other procedures.

General services recommendation

Our great differentiator is to co-create with you a life style and project from beginning to end and, for this reason, we can recommend this type of services according to the profile of you and your family